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Ha. I'm back, 'cause I'm in need of some help in the hair department. :0
Everyone has most likely already forgot me on here. xD Oh well, time to make some new friends! ;D
Go take a lookie at my deviant art, please and thank you. :]

Hmm. My new friend sure knows how to cash in the boys.

She had moved here at the tail end of school last year, and she has only been in band camp for about a week and she has already got a about-to-be-boyfriend and lots of new friends. Her "boyfriend" has already come over to her house and hung out.
I've lived here since I was three, and I have never had a boy at my house. I'm the same age as her, also. Bah. I feel like a loser. ]:
Yaay. ;D

I finally went out and got my hair done. I'm like super happy with the results, it's exactly what I wanted. I took it to the salon, because I'm not too good at doing it myself, and I love my stylist. <3

Weeee.Collapse )
Okay, I have a bit of a problem. I'd really appreciate it if anyone would help with some advice.

So, I have a best friend, let's call her A. I have a new friend, lets call her B. 

I have a family reunion thing which is going to be boring, so I decided to take a friend along. Now, naturally anyone would think of taking A, since she is the best friend, but I truely believe she wouldn't enjoy it there. She would get shy and wouldn't want to participate in the little sport-like games they have the kids at the family reunion do. Since she'd be shy, I know I'd be shy, and wouldn't do it either if she wouldn't. She probably wouldn't have any fun because she'd be too nervous around all of the strangers.
So, I was thinking of taking B, because she is more outgoing and would probably help get me to participate in all the fun. I feel she'd be a lot more laid back in an unknown environment, which would help me be more relaxed around all the family members that I really don't know.

Problem is, if A finds out I took B instead of her, she'll most likely get super mad and say I'm leaving her and always pushing her out of things. 

Oh yeah, another problem: My parents already talked with friend B's parents and they all said it was okay for her to go. So, I guess that means just take B and not tell A?
Or see if I can bring A along too?

More about this problem..Collapse )
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Hmph I'm disappointed. 

I was supposed to go to my friend's house (the one I rarely get to go to, her parents are so strict), but something came up she said. I just hate how I spent hours of time yesterday burning 5 CDs for us, and printing out all kinds of diy clothing tutorials. I even had to cut and paste a lot of them so they would actually fit onto a piece of printer paper.

Hmmph. I wanted to do something today. Not just be a hermit in my house. 
I must get a hold of my other friend. I'm lonely. ]:
Oh GAH. D:

I'm trying to deconstruct/reconstruct one of my old shirts I wore back in elementary school. It's so difficult. D:
I'm wanting to make it into a spaghetti strap or a lace camisole thingy, but it's hard. *tear* Especially since I keep losing stuff in my black-hole of a room. xD

I think I may go back to one of my other projects, where I am sewing on cute little patch stars and whatnot. MUCH easier. xP

Today was fun fun. :D
I went to the little Renfaire thing in my small town (their first one), and it was exciting/scary because it got super stormy while we were there. I felt bad for all the venders and the ren-people who were there, their booths got blown about and some of their items for sale flew off the tables. My friends and I were running around while the rain, and I believe some hail, came at us. Haha, that sounds very unfun, but it was exciting to me! :]
Afterwards on the drive home, it was raining so hard that you couldn't even see the road so we had to stop on the side until you could see through it. Hehe, the storm was so odd for us, since I live in a very dry, rural-ish area. It was such a random occurance. xD Poor renfaire people. ]:

But but. My friends got to come over to my house and we played DDR. Haha, Elia and I played the game with our hands on the PADS. We were sitting on our knees on the floor, slamming our handds down on the mats like cavemen! xDD We looked like idiots. <3
We all went to the mall later for Sara to purchase a new DDR game for her xbox. I was all, YAYER, cause, I've also been wanting to play a new one. 
Haha, when we were looking to buy it, all three of us had to throw in money so she could pay for it. xD We were even paying with change. -teehee- 
Then, lykduh, we went and played the game. It was fun playing the songs that I knew from the computer version. <33

So, yaaah. That was my crazy day. Gotta love it. :]
Hmm... Yeah.

I'm totally new to LiveJournal and am not totally sure how to use it yet. D:
I thought it'd be the same as Myspace..Guess not? xD

Teehee, what's funny is that I joined -just- because I wanted to be a part of the community Docora-ted (I think that is what it is called)

Waah. I don't have any friends who use LiveJournal. How sad. :[

Soo.. :0
That's it for now.